Hotel Resort / EcoTourism EBIKE Rental Fleet
Hotel Resort / EcoTourism EBIKE Rental Fleet

Hotel Resort / EcoTourism EBIKE Rental Fleet

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Travels now want to share their experiences. They want to share these cool moments with their friends and family. They care about the enviroment and are putting their money to having fun adventures in sustainable ways.

A squad of POWEBIKEs fully electric eco-friendly vehicles is the perfect way to show guest and clients your brand is in alligned with their values.

No pollution, No peddelling

POWEBIKES are proven in the Canadian Winter Used for Camadian URBAN CITY riding and used heavely in Farming Applications.

Our bike can handel all weather, all terrain in our fully waterproof dustproof design means you can have it ready with a quick wash.

Super quiet ride for birdwatching and animal tracking, explorinjg, running errands.

Allow the whole family to expierence offroad adventure amd cuycling with out worrying about health and safety.

New EcoTour Fleer as  Service Model for 2021

POWEBIKE Fleet option allows guest to rent these electric bikes for hourly, half day, full day and week.

Strarter 5 Bike Package com shipped fully ready in a prefab 20ft x 10ft unit for bike renting, storage and charging. It even has a rental kiosk forcustomer service.  Powered by onboard Solar PV.  No electrical wiring needed just take delivery and start operating. We prov

Our most popular the 10 bike Off-Grid Solar Micro-Grid with storrage, charin, servcine and space for customer service.  Even has eco-friendly MotoCafe sustiabley sourced coffee chop

The suscription model means we are invested in your success and take care of all the softweare and hardware needs for the bikes and the infastrcture.  


Create Eclusive Customized Luxuty Experiences with out Planned tours

Our cobranded apps allow for guided tours through waypoints and allow resorts and tour companies to create curated experiences for their guest to follow using the onboard infotainment.

The suscription model includes full inusrance. Working with POWEBIKE Eco-experience platform means you can focus on giving your guest the best experience.  


Get around the resort, explore the city and go off road to see the amazing trails.

Email now to talk t our sales team about your current operation and let us tell you how POWEBIKE can be perfect option for post-covid travel guest,


Min 2bike Package @ $5000 each

  • Commercial version of bike with smart AI onboard
  • Concept for Use Case
  • 10hr of Mobile App




Hotel Resourt Tour Electric Bike

designed for hotels and resorts to provide guests a half day and full day rental options to explore city and follow predefined waypoints to enjoy the city.  The smart ai infotainment uses gps, Two way communication and geofencing to ensure the guest are able to enjoy a carefree excursion.  The bikes are fully ensured and each rental comes with insurance for accidental coverage.  The bike is able to limit the speed to safe operating ranges to each activity and hotels needs.

Type of applications

  1. City tour guide
  2. Off-road adventure riding
  3. Daily usage


Comes smart mini onboard app to easily teach guest how to ride safely. 



Other Commercial Case Study

Have another commercial use case that you would like to use our ebike.  Send us an email at to speak to our sales team.  We love to collab and come up with special projects.